Thank you for your interest in having Flair Face Painting paint at your charitable/fundraising/free community event. I am frequently approached to 'donate my time' or paint for free in support of a good cause. There are many fantastic charities and initiatives out there, but unfortunately I can only give my support to a handful of such events each year - and these tend to be causes to which I feel a personal connection.

However, I do have the following options available to charities as I love to help when I can. Please look over the options below, and if you feel one or more of these are suitable, then please do get in touch to discuss the arrangements. Please note that a minimum booking of two hours is required for all of these options.

Option 1 - Pay per face

How it works: you book and pay for my services at my discounted hourly rate (15% off normal fee). At the event I charge the public for every face painted and I hand back 100% of the takings up to the booked fee, plus 50% of any takings above that amount as a donation to your charity. If the event is busy, you will not only have free face painting on site but will get additional funds from it. If it is not busy then your charity will still have had a professional face painter at vastly reduced cost (as a result of my discount plus any pay-per-face income).

Option 2 - Discounted rate with tip jar

How it works: face painting is free to the public/ your guests and I charge your organisation my 15% discounted charity fee. I will place a tip jar on my table for donations to your charity. At the end of the day, anything in the jar will help you recoup your cost.

Option 3 - Sponsorship

How it works: Another business pays for me at my standard rate and no money ever needs to come out of your budget. In return they can display their materials and/or a 'sponsored by' sign alongside the face painting. Face painting can draw quite a crowd so this can work very well for the sponsor!